Hi Guys!

I hope everyone’s weekend was amazing. This weekend was my cousin’s birthday weekend. She is finally 18! FINALLY! I know I and everyone else has been waiting for that day. So in celebration for her birthday we went to….




Yes in NYC! Let me start off my saying. If you love candy or even want to try this experience. Please please please make a reservation, The wait time is crazy and it gets packed very quickly. As soon as we got our table we order our drinks!! There is drink called blow pop. For all you people with minds that are in the gutter, HUSH UP!!! But yes there is a drink called Blow Pop. Its a martini inside is a apple green blow pop and the rim is Pop Rocks! Yes POP ROCKS! I was so amazed. My cousins had other drinks. They had the Goblin signature drinks!




This one is called Ocean Blue. Its a very good, Smooth drink, and yes there is  alcohol in the drink.



I don’t what the food was but the crowd of 14 (My Family) had different opinions about the food.  I had fried mac and cheese pops. Which by the way delicious. Overall this place is most definitely a go to spot just make reservations or you will be waiting three hours.



The birthday girl with my cousin Dee Jay.


Sibling Love



True meaning of family.

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