My Birthday Week

Hey guys! So my birthday was Thursday, February 20. Since I was turning 25 I celebrated all week. I mean come it is a quarter of a century! So Monday I went to Arrow Bar and had a great time with none other than Beautiful Mother Gunnr!!


This was just the beginning! On Wednesday I saw the Lego Movie with my best friend/brother! The incredible recliners made all perfect for this hilarious cartoon! Yes people I do watch animation/cartoons! Later on that day I went to my grandfather’s house and spend time with my Father figure!! Later on that night I went over to Director Anthony Jones’ house with a few friends and enjoyed a night of drinks and kings!

Friday night I went over to my
Cousin house and we had a blast and we were ratchet! It’s ok to be ratchet if you’re having fun! No seriously, there isn’t anything wrong! We had a few drinks!


And some hookah!

And singing our asses off! We can most definitely NOT go on American idol!

Saturday night I spent it with my family and I have to say I had a blast!!


Rick, Me, and Lissette


Pretty me 🙂


Me and my aunt Nina ❤


Lissette and I






This Birthday was really to remember

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