Yesterday was my cousin Shane and my aunt Dee Dee birthday! Happy Belated to them. I am so grateful for them. They treat me like family and I feel very lucky to have people I can call my family.


My aunt Dee Dee with my beautiful little cousin Teresa




My cousin Shane! He’s a comedian and actor guys! Youtube Channel coming soon 🙂

Today was the birthday of  my beautiful cousin Kimbery aka Bully. I love her to death. She was one of the first people in the family I got very very close with. I cherish her odee. Her heart is pure gold. Im so excited of her bundle of joy baking in her stomach. (PRAYING IT’S A BOY) I love you girl and I hope you enjoyed your day.


Since its 11:35. A few more hours to another bday. This Birthday is truly special to me. Happy Birthday to my brother Jay. Even though we don’t speak as much and we are just half siblings, I love you and cherish you very much. You mean the world to me and I hope you have an amazing birthday!


Until Next time Social Droogz!

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