Hey Guys, I know I’m late but i have to blog about this. I am a huge wrestling fan. I have been watching wrestling since I was 3 years old. One wrestler that I feared as a child was Papa Shango. Later on Papa Shango became the God Father. Anyway, thats going to be another blog talk. Wrestlemania 30 was the wrestlemania that will definitely go down in the history books and here is why…

The opening of the show was Iconic….Literally.  Yes, Hulk Hogan, The Rattle Snake Stone Cold Steve Austin and the People’s Champ The Rock! Yes all three Iconic Wrestlers all in the same ring. Not only was Stone Cold and The Rock paid homage to Hulk Hogan but spoke about the influence passion Hulk Hogan had given wrestlers such as Stone Cold Steve Austin and The Rock.

A great way to open Wrestlemania 30 by opening up a can of beers!


The usos won the 4 fatal way match. I saw that coming. They are phenomenal wrestlers and thats all I have to say about this match.


    The Next Match was Daniel Bryan and Triple H. Now before I go on about this match, let me say how I was so upset Daniel Bryan did not win his match in the Royal Rumble. I have never seen a wrestler who is passionate but isn’t using it for his character. The passion is in his blood just as all the other wrestlers but doesnt have that spark like Daniel Bryan. This match I thought he was going to loose because it is Triple H. The fact he beat a Icon like Triple H to get himself a shot at the title earned my respect a lot more (Good Job WWE Writers you gave me something to look forward) He Won and is going to the Triple Threat Match! YES! YES! YES! YES! YES! YES!


  This next match was called the Andre the Giant Memorial Trophy. Keep it short, Big Show lost it 😦 Doesn’t surprise me because I don’t remember him winning anything (Championship) since 2005. Cesaro won. One of the WTF moments but it wasn’t a surprise because Cesaro is good but WTF that was suppose to be Big Show’s Shine!!!


  John Cena VS. Bray Wyatt. Ok, We Know John Cena Wins… Can you just ever loose..Just once.. or two times. I swear the day John Cena loose a match I will celebrate. I have nothing against John Cena but dude you are human its ok to loose. But, he did win this match and again its not a surprise. Because why? Its JOHN CENA.


The biggest WTF moment

  The Match of the Decade! Yes, Not the year but the Decade! Undertaker VS. Brock Lesnar. Brock Lesnar is a great fighter. The WWE fans have to realize that he is not like the WWE SuperStar Roster. What makes him different is that he is a FIGHTER. As soon as Brock Lesnar came back into the WWE, I already knew this match was going to take place. I didn’t know the end result.


Yes, people Brock Lesnar broke the streak and Im one pissed off puerto rican! I knew that the streak was going to end somehow but I NEVER EVER (Chris Jericho voice) wanted Undertaker to loose to Brock Lesnar. This match also felt rushed. This match was nothing compared to his match back in 2011 with Triple H. As much as I vouch that Brock Lesnar is a great fighter and that will always remain my opinion, As a fan, I don’t respect the fact undertaker lost to Brock Lesnar. That’s like the Biggest Nerd who won the noble prize but failed the SAT’s. It doesn’t make sense. I was in a state of shock with the fans that did attend Wrestlemania but this moment will obviously go down in history. So with that being said.. WWE you better bring it to the table for Wrestlemania 31!


    AJ WON..Mini John Cena!


The last match was The Triple Threat Match and the better man won!   YES! YES! YES!

Until next time social droogz!!

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