My Favorite Film

Hey Guys,

As you know I am a filmmaker and I have a film review TV Show called M.N.R Seminar. If you have not seen M.N.R Seminar please check us out at So every Wednesday Im going to make a post about my favorite film or a film that just shocked me. As a film director and Screenwriter its somewhat hard to come up with originality. Lets face it everything you see no matter what country its recycled. Concepts are recycle just different storytelling.  night_watch_xlg Today I’m going to tell on of my favorite films and its called Night Watch. Night Watch is a Russian Film directed by Timur Bekmambetov. This film is about the truce between light and dark that has been broken. This film follows a guy named Anton who is played by Konstantin Khabenskiy who was also in the movie Wanted (starring Angelina Jolie) as the exterminator. This movie I absolutely love. This movie is based off of a trilogy novel by Russian Writer Sergei Lukyanenko. The cinematography is stunning. The storyline is phenomenal. (HINT, HINT, CONCUSSION, CONCUSSION: If you dont watch the entire movie meaning get up, look at your phone to see who text you or just simply not paying attention then you will not understand this film) If you are into foreign, fantasy, story telling then this is the move for you. If you are interested in this film click on the photo and you can see a full synopsis of this film if not then maybe my recommendation next week will attract you.      Until next time Social Droogz ❤  

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