Favorite Films Wednesdays: 200 Pound Beauty

Hey Guys,

It’s Favorite Films Wednesday!!! There is another foreign that I absolutely love! Its called the 200 Pound Beauty. Its a South Korean film, Directed by Yong-Hwa Kim. Its about a woman named Han-na who is a sex phone operator and a singer and has a beautiful voice but to the public eye she isn’t beautiful. They actually did a Milli Vanilli stunt to make it basic. She is in love with the music producer Sang-Jun. After being humiliated in Sang-Jun Birthday Party, Han-na decides to go to a plastic surgeon. She visits the plastic surgeon, after denying her the surgery that would ultimately change her life she black mails him (Watch the Movie) The blackmailing works and she gets the surgery that changed her life. After a year disappearance she is finally Skinny and most of all beautiful. She goes back under a false name and the drama starts. 




I recommend this movie. If you are into the drama, comedy then this is for you. Again there is no english version just english subtitles. If you can deal with the subtitles I recommend this movie very much!



Until next time social droogs,


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