Throwback Thursdays: Luz Clarita

This segment is throwback Thursdays. So every Thursday I will talk about a throwback from my childhood and maybe most of you can relate, or it will be new to you.


This Throwback Thursday is Luz Clarita!

Growing up in a Puerto Rican Household, Novelas was everything!
Luz Clarita was about a little orphan girl who is searching for her mother and In her search will have moments of sadness and joy. Mariano De La Fuente and his Family decided to open the doors to their home and have Luz Clarita love with them. As they thought she was there to create chaos, Luz Clarita was the opposite and taught both children and adults that love is the true essence to happiness.


As a child I was so hooked to this show. The show was not only a hit, it also had merchandise as well. Every Spanish girl who was a fan of Luz Clarita had the clear Luz Clarita purse! It was a phenomenon! Anyone who has not seen Luz Clarita I recommend it. It is a Spanish tv show so I suggest to find episodes that have subtitles to understand but if you are a Spanish speaker and have not seen this show which I highly doubt, go watch it!

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