Top Social: Isla Vista Murder

Hey Guys!

This past weekend was a lot going on. Elliot Rodgers, the son of the Hunger Games assistant director Peter Rodgers, was responsible for the mass murder that happened over the weekend. Before I get into detail of what happened or you guys probably already know, I want to give my condolences to everyone who has been affected by this tragedy and I will keep you all in my prayers.

Elliot Rodgers went on a rampage all because he was a virgin and women didn’t like him. I saw his disturbing video last night as he explains why he did what he did. I, as a woman was horrified on what he was saying all because he didn’t have the love he wanted. Since he was in pain he decided to make innocent people make him feel his pain which is absolutely disgusting to me.

Elliot Rodgers went and stabbed three guys at his residence, then he goes to Alpha Phi Sorority house and bangs on the door loudly nobody answers so he runs to the corner of the street and shot three girls that were there. Then he goes in his BMW and drives by Isla Vista and starts shooting. The police also discovered a 137-140 pages of a book he wrote called my twisted world.

I kept it short because I think me just typing that information is just disturbing as it is.

This has been another mass shooting.

2012- Aurora Movie theater shooting and Newtown School Massacre.

2013 – Navy Shooting-  Navy reservist Aaron Alexis, 34, allegedly opened fire shortly after 8 a.m. inside building 197 in the Washington Navy Yard, Killing 12 people and wounding more than a dozen. Alexis was slain in a gun battle with police.

Then, get this ready! 
Ann Hornaday who is a film critic blamed the entertainment industry and said that the movie “Neighbors” which stars Seth Rogen and the comedies of Judd Apatow are an influence.


When the columbine shooting happened, who did the people blame…. Marilyn Manson

Video games get blamed and now movies, COME ON!

Stop blaming the media for people’s actions, blame the politicians who don’t haven’t learned their lesson yet on gun control.

I am disgusted that Ann Hornaday would even make a comment like that. This wasn’t time to point the finger or make any rhetorical theories about what may have been the influence. This is all about gun control and when the columbine shootings happened it should have been taken care of but innocent people still continue to die on the sheer ignorance and misery of others

Only in America,

This wasn’t to offend anyone by any means unless if you are somebody who does blame the media then yeah please by all means GET OFFENDED.

My prayers go out to the families of everyone who has been affected by this tragedy.

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