Favorite Film Wednesdays: Cherrybomb

Hey Guys,

Here is another one of my favorite films. Its called Cherrybomb and no we aren’t talking about the runaways. Haha get it… no… well then..


Cherrybomb was written by Daragh Carville and Directed by Lisa Barroa D’Sa and Glenn Leyburn.



Malachy played by Rupert Grint, his friend Luke played by Robert Sheehan and Malachy interest Michelle played by Kimberly Nixon have a wild weekend of drinking, drugs, shop-lifting and car stealing. It started off as a game until the game made an serious turn of events they couldn’t get out of.



this movie was great. Rupert Grint and the rest of the cast acting was on point. This isn’t your typical teen movie but it sure stood out!!! Im not saying OMG THIS IS LIKE 5 GOLD STAR MOVIE but it is a good film. I happen to enjoy it very much.  If you guys haven’t seen the movie check it out and comment below when you do.


Click on the photo below to watch the film 


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