Poetry Slam: LOVE










Love comes in so many forms

Some which isn’t accepted

They even in Vain use the lord

Love has a meaning

into which we don’t use

Love has a definition

But we created our own

And yet it is abused


If Whites Marries black its an abomination

If Hispanics Kisses Asians is against culture

But if a Man and Man find love with each other

its a disgrace

But if a woman fucks another woman

its ok

two girls lesbians god girls making out on couch nude kissing

Where’s the love in that

Few hours of affection

For fifteen minute fame attention

Not to mention those type of chicks is the ones milking for your pension


Love is not Gay, Straight, White or Black

Love is a deep affection that genuine

Cherish it if you ever receive that.

Some people aren’t blessed enough to know what its like

But Force to love Traditionally

Some people are blessed

To Love unconditionally

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