Favorite Film Wednesdays: Pan’s Labyrinth


Written and Directed By: Guillmero Del Toro

IMDB Rating: 8.3/10 Stars

Hey Guys!

So this weeks Favorite Film Wednesday is Pan’s Labyrinth. The Original title was in spanish and it was called El laberinto del fauno. I can’t stress enough on how good this movie is.


The story takes place in 1944 in the post civil war in Spain. The rebels still fight in the mountains against the fascist troops.

pans pans-labyrinth-3

Ofelia a young and imaginative girl who travels with her pregnant and sick mother to meet and live with her sadistic step father, Captain Vidal.

968full-pan's-labyrinth-screenshot pans-labyrinth-wallpaper

During the night, she meets a fairy who takes her to an Old Faun in the center of a Labyrinth.  The Faun explains to her that Ofelia is a Princess and she has to complete three gruesome tasks in order to return to her Father and Mother, the king and queen. If she fails, she can never return to the royalty.


This Movie is in Spanish with English Subtitles. I promise that this movie is so good, the spanish speaking is not a bother because of the whole detailed the story is. I recommend this to anyone who is into war, drama and/or fantasy.


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