Hey guys,
I am a fan of Trisha Paytas, I think she is so funny and I would collaborate with her to do a YouTube video any day. So recently my mom showed me a YouTube video of Trisha Paytas and it was titled FUCK PETA. Now in the video she explains that she has fashion items such as glasses made by stingray and a bunch of other stuff she says. She did get such a huge backlash for it and I understand why because I was upset on what she was saying, BUT calling her a slut, bimbo, bitch doesn’t make the situation any better. It’s not right at all. People have certain ways of living. I’m not saying I’m agreeing to what she is saying, not at all. I’m 100% against animal cruelty, but her video was harmless, there are other people who are out there who have done cruelty to animals. Her video was just a video, nothing more. I know people got offended by it because I was as well. Again, I am saying I’m not agreeing to what she said but two wrongs don’t make it right.

Much Love and Be Kind ❤

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