Captivated: The Trials of Pamela Smart

Hey guys!

I just finish watching this documentary about Pamela Smart.


Just to give people a backstory on Pam Smart just incase anybody didn’t know who she was. Pam Smart was convicted to life imprisonment for the conspiracy murder of her Husband Gregg Smart. I’m guessing you’re wondering who killed him.


(Photo: Billy Flynn)
It was Billy Flynn, and his Friend Pete Randall, J.R. Lattime and Raymond Fowler. Why did they do it? Simple! Pam and Billy were in a relationship and Pam convinced him to kill her husband, so they can be together.

This documentary sees another side of
This trial. This trial was one of the biggest trials in TV history. This murder/trial was even made into two movies and a book.

Murder in New Hampshire: The Pamela Wojas Smart Story Starring Helen Hunt.

To die for starring Nicole Kidman

This documentary is different from
Any other book and movie that has been ever made about this trial.


(Photo: Pam Smart and her Husband Gregg Smart)

This documentary is trying to prove her innocent and that she did not have any involvement in the murder of her husband.

This is a really great documentary, it had me glue to my TV throughout the whole time! For people who loves trials and court tv, has to watch this documentary and see one of it’s first trials to even be on TV.

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