Wendy Williams: Her response to the criticism of the Lifetime Aaliyah Movie

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My last post was about the Lifetime Aaliyah film that Wendy Williams was the executive producer of this horrible attempt of what she calls “Extremely Tasteful of a film”.

(Left: Alexandria Shipp, Right: Aaliyah)

What is disgusting about this film is not only was Aaliyah’s story exploited by her and anyone else involved who didn’t have permission from anyone to do this film, but Wendy Williams praises herself for it. Look I have done bad films in my day, Trust and believe I did but I learned from them, something Wendy Williams isn’t admitting up to it. Hey you wanna feel proud about this film, go ahead girl knock yourself out.

SexyDesktop Wallpaper Image

(Click on the photo above to see my review on the Lifetime film Aaliyah: The Princess of R&B)

If I had the chance, permission and/or budget to do a film about Aaliyah’s life. I would make sure it is done proper. Great casting, Great Crew, just everything great and who better than to do a film with not only people that knew her, but a person that is still a fan of hers… Just Saying. Whats up Timbaland, I saw you complaining!!!

In my previous post I said IMDB gave a rating of 2.7, Now it went down to a 2.6… Wendy stop praising yourself for a 2.6 Rating seriously. Anyone else that gives this film a higher rating then that.. Honey, Clip that joint, and watch it sober.

Aaliyah- new-nice-Hd-wallpaper-6
                                                       (Click above to watch Rock the Boat)  
                                               (Click Above to watch We need a Resolution)

Aaliyah (1979-2001)1994     (Click above to watch Age aint nothing but a number)

ca. 2001 --- Aaliyah --- Image by ?Hype Williams/Corbis Outline

                                             (Click Above to Watch More than a Woman)

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  1. I totally agree with you. The Aaliyah movie was not done properly. It looks like they did not care about Aaliyah enough to make this film the right way, and truly that’s a shame, to disrespect one of top artist while she’s laying to rest in her grave. I have no words for anyone who was associated with this horrible garbage that they call a movie!

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