Film Review: The Theory of Everything

Starring: Eddie Redmayne, Felicity Jones

Directed by: James Marsh

IMDB Rating: 7.8/10


Hey Droogz and Diamonds!

Today, I saw the film The Theory of Everything. The film is about the relationship of the famous physicist and his wife. It starts off where Eddie Redmayne who plays Stephen Hawking sees Jane Wilde for the first time at a party with a friend. I don’t want to give any spoilers but I think his movie was pretty damn good!

The film is mostly based on the relationship between Stephen and Jane but how things changed when Stephen Hawking was diagnosed with ALS and how their marriage went from Happiness and love to Struggles and realization of their love for each other was different from when they got married.


Eddie Redmayne portrays the famous Physicist. His performance was phenomenal. Eddie Redmayne has been in other films such as The Other Boleyn Girl, Les Misréables, and the upcoming film Jupiter Ascending.  Out of all the films I have seen him in, this film really proves how much of a good actor he is. Felicity Jones who plays Jane Wilde performance was great and the chemistry between Redmayne and Wilde was much more better than any other recent films I have seen in a while. Well, at least one of the films I have seen this year. This film is Oscar Worthy and I would be HIGHLY UPSET if this doesn’t get a nomination.


(Left: Stephen Hawking and Jane Wilde, Right: Eddie Redmayne and Felicity Jones)

I just love how they actually got actors who resemble like the people they are portraying. I’m not saying they look exactly a like but it is a damn good close resemblance.


Well Droogz and Diamonds I give this film a 4/5 rating. I recommend anyone who is interested into knowing who Stephen Hawking is and The struggles He went through in life (dealing with his sickness) and His marriage. Perfect film to see.

The Film is rated PG-13. However, Children can go see this film companied by an adult.

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Be Kind, Stay Pretty


A.J. ❤


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