Film Review: The Babadook

Hey Droogs and Diamonds

I got to see the movie The Babadook. For the past month I have been reading articles about it and saw the trailer so I was invested and decided to see what it was all about.


Before I get into my review I want to give you a little short summary about the film.

The Babadook is about a single mother named Amelia played by Essie Davis to her only child Samuel played by Noah Wiseman. Suffering from depression, Amelia soon discovers there is a sinister presence all around her and her son.


When I saw the trailer, I was invested (If you haven’t seen the trailer, Click on the photo above). Now seeing the film. I was made the right decision by being invested into this film. For starters, let me just put it out there that its not scary. I, personally didn’t find it to be scary but it still does fall into the horror category. People are so use to seeing blood, gore and considering to be Horror. If you want to see want to see a crazy film, Watch Cannibal Holocaust.  I never expected the movie to go the way it did. I think it could have been better as far as storyline. Cinematography was phenomenal for this film. I enjoyed it, It was a slow pick up in the beginning but I enjoyed it very much. It is in two theaters at the moment. If you can’t make it to either location, then click on the photo below to actually watch the film.


I really want to know your opinion on the film, Watch, comment below and share this review for other to comment below.

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