Poetry: Vieques en gritos by Juan Sanchez

Island of Warmth, terra firm, water- drenched breezes.

Labor of love, peace and faith, and

Taino Spirit

Surrounded by salted-blue waters

That is your own

Bosom’s very blood


You are the

Virtue of our self-esteem

where hard honest work never humiliates

Or damaged our hopes and pride.



You are the playground

Paradise of our children’s imagination.

Your water laden winds that

Precedes joyful rainstorms forging

Sky sandcastles, rainbow twilights and jovial shadows

From floating impressions on sand, musical seashells

Daydreams and stargazed,

To golden and rainbow blossoms.

You are so utopia

So beautiful and true.



A force so purposefully evil

Has violated, tormented, battered and enslaved

Now I grieve for you for

This monster has run right through you

has taken possession of your

Passion and determination for

Freedom, Virtue and Peace.



Your Children have fallen prey to

The bombings, the assaults, the rapes.

The beasts wants to

Devour and render you

Broken, Tortured and Contaminated.


Our beloved flag is

No longer red, white and sky blue.

A Puerto Rican Crackerjack Sailor Boy

Standing over the guard

Our Grimacing Cry.

A grito in perpetual pain


How Unbearably immense

Life can be

Under miserable subjugation

where life is forever forgotten

And agony implores me answer



You must be exalted

Your grit must be an

unrelenting, transformative and Infinite

Taino Battle cry

That grit must castigate that evil fiend

Out of our misery

The Labor, struggle, pains and necessary wait


Will never humiliate

or damage our pride or our will



You will once again be the very

Virtue of our self-esteem

You will once more become

The Dignity, the joy, the love, the faith

of our people to live in peace.



The paradise must emerge back to the life

That is the infinite spirit and jubilation of our

children’s precious radiance.


Juan Sanchez

Brooklyn, New York


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