Books to Recommend: Fahrenheit 451

Hey Droogs and Diamonds

One book I recommend to read is Fahrenheit 451. I always loved this book. It is a bit confusing but overall it is a great book. This book does have a lot of mix reviews. If you’re someone with an open mind about things then this is the book to read. The author is Ray Bradbury. Bradbury other novels are The Martian Chronicles, Something wicked this way comes, The sound of thunder and The Illustrated man.

Everyone has different taste but this good I did enjoy. However it did take a long time for the plot to pick up but overall it is a good book.

Be Kind, Stay Pretty




  1. I bought this book and somehow misplaced it. I’ll have to take a look around my room for it. I’ll read it immediately once I’ve found it. The book is on a lot of people’s reading lists, and it’s on mine for the new year. Nice post!

    • Thank you! I really appreciate the comment. Yes please read it when you have the chance, it is set in like a future modern type of time. if you understand what I’m saying haha! But i think you will enjoy it. I see books turn into films and I can only imagine how this book would be on the screen, if they changed a few things around. When you read it you will know what I’m talking about lol.

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