Books to Recommend: Professional Idiot: A memoir

Hey Droogs and Diamonds,

A book I definitely recommend with no hesitation is Professional Idiot: A Memoir. This is the story of the Demise and Rise of Jackass Star Steve-o. Now anyone who knows me knows how much I LOVE STEVE-O, He’s daring and Very attractive.

Professional Idiot gives a very deep story about the life of Steve-O before, during and after Jackass Phenomenon. As a reader the first few pages grabbed me in. I probably read this book so many times. One thing I can definitely say that one thing about this book is different than most cases, books, stories or whatever you want to call it, is that he doesn’t tell his story as if he was preaching to his readers. In most cases, people who have been in Steve-O predicament always does the preaching. Like if you do this thats what going to happen to you. In this novel you won’t read any of that. You read Steve-O crazy experiences and it leaves you with an impact and thats why I love this book so much.

Please make sure to read this novel if you can, I truly recommend it. Please if you share this blog use #SteveoBookReviewByAJ I know its long but i would appreciate it.

Be Kind, Stay Pretty



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