American Horror Story: Freakshow

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I haven’t posted anything about this season’s American Horror Story. People who follow this blog knows how much I love American Horror Story. Til this day I say the best seasons so far have been Seasons One and Three. After seeing this season my opinion didn’t change.

I was so disappointed with this season for a few reasons..

1. I am a huge huge fan of the film freaks. So when it was announced that this season was going to be just like freaks I was all for it. I felt that the creators and writers of the show can elaborate on the film freaks which they did and I loved it BUT I didn’t feel the horror as how I imagined it.

2. They killed off Twisty the clown too soon. When the first Episode aired, I was so drawn to Twisty the clown. The first Episode was perfection. You got to know the characters backgrounds and there was horror and when I mean horror I mean Twisty The Clown.

3. It was too much story but not enough horror. I love a good storyline but not everyone enjoys a story, People sometimes don’t want to know about certain characters. There were sometimes I found myself bored watching it and it broke my AHS Fan Heart. I didn’t want to feel bored but I did. I felt some of the acting was forced. One of the best acting out of all the seasons was in season two by James Cromwell who played Nazi War Criminal Doctor Arthur Arden/ Hans Grüper.

4. The freaks were getting killed too soon. Meep was someone who was killed off too soon and then in the end all he gets was a run by frame in the last episode. WHERE’S THE RESPECT FOR THE MEEP!!

The things I liked about this season

1. The seasons are connected. In AHS: Freak Show revealed that the seasons are connected. First was Pepper’s Story. Now we all know Pepper from Season Two Asylum.



In this season we actually get to see what happened to Pepper before her arrival at Briarcliff Mental Institution.


Then it was revealed in the beginning of the season that Elsa Mars was a freak herself. Her legs were cut off. The man behind it was none other than Nazi War Criminal Hans Grüper/Doctor Arthur Arden from Briarcliff Mental Institution.

2. They actually used actors with disabilities. For this season I think getting actors with freak like qualities was the best decision that production has made and that is what makes this show and this season so different and unique.

I loved all of them by favorite would have to be




Paul the Illustrated Seal or Seal Boy played by Mat Fraser! He was just phenomenal and I would love to see more of him in future films!!

3. Sara Paulson better get an award for her role this season. To play two characters it was just amazing and on point!

4. Guest Stars…


Lily Rabe as Sister Mary Eunice

Her Appearance this season had me with my hands like a prayer!!


Neil Patrick Harris  as Chester Creb

His Performance in the only two episodes he’s in gave me more entertainment throughout out most of the season.

Now people were confused on one thing. What happened to Stanley. Stanley (Played By Denis O’Hare) was a con-aritst and wanted to kill the freaks off for money. The plan backfired as the freaks found out and made him into a freak.


People were confused with this scene. They didn’t know what he was. This was actually taken from the 1932 film Freaks. They turned him into a bird.



See the somewhat similarity. This was from the 1932 Film. If you haven’t seen it I highly recommend it.

Overall this season was a hit and miss for me. It started off good and from then on it was a roller coaster. I just hope for season five they can bring on the Horror as well as the story.

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One comment

  1. I am watching Season 4 now and I almost wholeheartedly agree with you.
    I first thought that maybe I was just already immune to the horror but that’s not it.
    What a disappointment with Frances Conroy’s character after last season. Not halfwat through the season though so I don’t know what awaits.
    Sets are even disappointing to me. Even the circus.
    What has made the series work for me overall has been Jessica Lange. I don’t think I ever realized what a truely talented actress she is. Especially seasons 2-4 that I have seen so far.
    My favorite season has been 2. Sets were phonomenal. Jessica incredible. Loved the Lana Banana thing.
    Totally agree about Mat Fraser. He is very hot and thus sympathetic. His story nailed it!
    Don’t care for the Mordrake character and the face in the back just looks totally hoakey.
    Patti LaBelle totally underdeveloped. Even Angela Bassett character is dull after last year.

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