Hey Droogs and Diamonds!!!

The Ghostbuster cast has been announced and I couldn’t be anymore excited!!!


Thats right! An ALL FEMALE CAST!!!! Kristen Wiig, Leslie Jones, Kate McKinnon and Melissa McCarthy.

First off for anyone who has a problem because its an all female cast well you wasn’t having a problem when it was an all male cast so boop I don’t want to to hear it. I am all for this film.

First you have Kristen Wiig she was in films like Knocked up and Bridesmaids.  Then you have Leslie Jones. She is in saturday night live and she’s hilarious! Im so excited that she’s involved in this film. Kate McKinnon is also from Saturday Night Live. If you don’t know who she is , she made headlines when she was impersonating Justin Bieber’s Calvin Klein Ad. (Click on the photo to see the SNL Clip)


And of course Melissa McCarthy!!! Adding Melissa McCarthy and Kristen Wiig was the perfect decision for casting. The film is not a continuation from the previous films. Its a brand new reboot or reinventing the ghostbusters franchise.

There has been negative comments about the casting and honestly people need to shut up about it. Im all for it. Literally who can you picture taking over the original male cast? I can’t! Again by the casting I am 100% invested. I can’t wait for a trailer to drop to see where they are going with this film.

Im excited, Im invested,  and if the trailer is good I will be spending my pretty polly on a ticket to see this film.

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