How to get away with murder Season one

Hey Droogs and Diamonds

I don’t want much TV. Literally the only show I was watching was American Horror Story. I stopped watching the walking dead since the first half of season two. Then ABC saved my TV life by putting on a new series called “How to get away with murder” Starring


Viola Davis as Professor Annalise Keating


Alfred Enoch as Wes Gibbins

If you all seen Harry Potter films then you definitely know that Alfred Enoch played Dean Thomas in the film series.


Charlie Weber  as Frank Delfino


Liza Weil as Bonnie Winterbottom


Billy Brown as Nate Lahey


Katie Findlay as Rebecca Sutter


Jack Falahee as Connor Walsh


Aja Naomi King as Michaela Pratt


Karla Souza as Laurel Castillo


Matt McGorry as Asher Millstone

Its really hard for me to get into TV Shows. I think thats one of the reasons why I love American Horror Story because each season is different. However, this season of How to get away with murder got me so hooked. Since the first episode I was intrigued and couldn’t keep my eyes off the TV. With each episode had my mouth dropped, and nothing was predictable. Anyone who says it was, they’re lying. I have a PHD in TV so I should know (just kidding). Television shows nowadays aren’t that great to me but this show proved me wrong. The acting was on point, The storyline was very interesting from the minute the season began to the end. I hope season two and every season after continue to keep intrigued and entertained like how season one did. Overall this show I was truly invested in and I am satisfied with my investment. I can’t wait for season two!

If you haven’t seen How to get away with murder yet, you must! It is a definite must!!

Be Kind, Be Weird, Stay Pretty



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