New Zeland X Factor Judges fired for Bullying a contestant.

Hey Droogs and Diamonds,

In New Zeland, two judges from the show X Factor bullied a contestant. Singers Natalia Kills and Willy Moon (Natalia Kills Husband)  bullied a contestant on stage. There is a difference between critiquing and bullying. They definitely were not giving their criticism.

I have never heard them, so I decided to look them up on youtube and see their music videos since I had no idea why they were so harsh on the contestant. In the clip, Singer Natalia Kills passionately expressed her opinion.  I understood what she was saying to the contestant. However, the way she said was not cool at all. I’m surprised on how professional the contestant kept his composure. She really picked on the right guy because if it was anyone else, she would have gotten cursed out or worse.

What I don’t understand is from what she believes in and sings , her actions speaks way louder. If she knew what being bullied is like why do it to someone else and try to embarrass him. The one is looking embarrass is her and her husband who by the way I don’t know who he is but she makes it seem like he’s godlike. Honey, he isn’t Kanye. Get it right. Overall, I think they deserved to be fired.

By this action do you think Willy Moon and Natalia Killed their careers?

If you haven’t seen the clip, Click Below

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