A.J. and Sister in Law at the Orgullosa #LivingFabulosa Event!

Hey Droogs and Diamonds,

Last night my sister in law Giza and I were at Orgullosa’s #LivingFabulosa Event!

My sister in law had told me about it and I said sure I will go. I didn’t know about this event too much but I still decided to go to check it out. I’m glad I did. 

First, I’m a fatty at heart. I love food, but what latina doesn’t. I mean come on!  The food even tho it was small it was delicious! I love me burgers and they had mini slide burgers that looked like Krabby Patties! Ugh It was to die for. The red wine was delicious as well. 

Then we proceeded to the stage. As my sister in law and I sat on our seats we got a purple bag filled with beauty products FOR FREE!!! and it was no small things, it was hair dye, Mascara, lipstick. It was just so awesome!!!

There were so many guests there including. 


(From Left to Right: Gina Rodriguez from Jane the Virgin, Nina Terrero, Angie Martinez, and Lilliana Vazquez)

These four empowering latina women were hosting this small yet motivating event. These women come from all different nationality but share one thing, they’re all Latina. 

They also had amazing guests including


Janet Jones from Vixen Workout. Please checkout it out. It’s a great workout for women!

Also Raquel Sofia was there and she did two amazing performances. 

This is a clip of one of the performances.

And of course 


The beautiful and talented Selenis Leyva. She had me cracking up the whole time she was there. I absolutely love her. 


Overall this experience and hearing their story has inspired me to keep pushing and pursing my dreams even when people don’t support it or understand it. 

I can’t wait to go to the next Orgullosa event as a blogger!!

Be Kind, Stay Pretty



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