Fast and Furious 7 Review

Hey Droogs and Diamonds!

I missed you all.  This past weekend I saw the Fast and Furious latest installment. Furious 7 was directed by James Wan. He’s the director of the Conjuring and Insidious! This was very different from what he has directed because its an action film.

I had no problem with the directing. I had have a problem however with the writing.

Before I go on my rant let me tell you about the things i like about this film.

The storyline. I liked how it just didn’t focus on just Deckard Shaw. I think if it was just focused only on him it would have been cliche.

Dijmon Hounson was in Furious 7!! I love Dijmon Hounson and I was happy he was in Furious 7.


The best scene in that film is when they all in the sky with their cars. Ugh now that was hot (Paris Hilton Voice)

The CGI on Paul Walker’s face was phenomenal. There were some scenes if you’re a film buff or a filmmaker you know they cheated on but it worked and I was impressed. Paul Walker passed away before completing the film so his brothers filled in for him and CGI his face.

The last scene of the film. The way they did it was perfect! I loved how they used the color white as a metaphor. Personally, that was a great way to knowledge Paul Walker. I definitely was choked up on the last scene of the film.

Things I didn’t like

The damn lines!!! I like the storyline but the damn lines the characters were saying was so damn cheesy and corny.  I felt like the actors forced themselves too much. Some of the chemistry wasn’t there for me.

The stunts… come on we all know if I do something like that, Im done for. There isn’t going to be a take two.


James Wan Directorial for an Action film it was good but I prefer him  in Horror better.

Vin Diesel has hinted there will be another fast and furious film. I truly hope not but when they do they have to turn it up 100,000,000,000 for the next film.

Did you guys go and see the film this weekend? What are your thoughts? Comment Below!

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