Furious 8 is announced at CinemaCon and Gets a release date

Hey Droogs and Diamonds!!

Its A.J. here bringing you the latest film news!

Vin Diesel has announced at CinemaCon that there will be a fast and furious 8 and its release date will be…

April 14, 2017

Ok pause! Lets put the car into screeching halt! Furious 8? I mean I understand they made $1 Billion dollars at the box office but… NO… the latest installment should have been the last one. But now since this has been announced they need to make Furious 8 the last one.

Don’t get me wrong Furious 7 was good but they need to make it better. The lines were so predictable and cheesy. It  was overly too much action. I felt some of the acting was forced.

Furious 7 ending was great. It was perfect. However, The Franchise wouldn’t be the same without Paul Walker. I truly hope this is the last film, not saying the films are bad but they do need to better their story and their lines. So Vin Diesel, writers, production, please go back to your old roots and bring better lines, don’t make the acting look forced, but still bring the great action that you always give.

As far as directors go I don’t know who its going to be. I do hope they bring back Justin Lin since James Wan will be directing The Conjuring 2. Who would you like to see direct Fast and Furious 8?

Thanks Droogs and Diamonds and I will continue to bring the film filth!!

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