Mayweather VS Pacquiao Fight

Hey Droogs and Diamonds

Last night was one of the most important nights in Boxing HIstory. Until I saw what a complete mess it was. This fight was the fight of the century but i didn’t see a fight. All I was seeing was hugging.


My cousin Lissette and I went to a spot called Isla Verde in The Bronx. It was a Puerto Rican Cuisine Restaurant. Had some great food and there was a promotion with Corona Beers as well.      More family and friends came by as well. It wasn’t packed as I thought it would be but if you live in the Parkchester or near the parkchester area, you must check out Isla Verde.


Now back to this fight…..

In this match I was definitely going for Pacquiao. I am and even after this fight I am #TeamPacman #TeamPacquiao. Mayweather was getting his hits in but Pacquiao was giving more of a fight that Mayweather. It was a complete waste of Money and Mayweather use the defense mode throughout most of the rounds. I truly disagree that Pacquiao can’t get a rematch. I would love to see a rematch but because its Mayweather, he’s not going to do it but hey cowards take their first win and run. I would respected Mayweather so much more if he put up a fight. Overall I was completely disappointed with this fight. NOT BECAUSE I AM A PACQUIAO FAN. LETS MAKE IT CLEAR BUT MORE ON THE FACT I WOULD HAVE LOVE TO SEE A FIGHT.

I was extremely upset at Max Kellerman when he was interviewing Pacquiao after the fight. He straight grilled him but I love the response Pacquiao was giving.

This is my last time I would ever waste my time and money on a Mayweather fight.



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