Hey Droogs and Diamonds,

I was reading articles yesterday but I didn’t know if there were true until I kept reading from more official blogs and mainstream news source that Will Poulter is set to play Pennywise the clown

The We’re the millers and Maze Runner star is going to play the eater of children in this new adaption of IT

People from the 90’s know the made for TV Film which starred the late Jonathan Brandis had everyone not only scared of clowns but even scared of the sewers.

Cary Fukunaga mentioned earlier this year that the film does take place in a different time then it did from the 90’s version of the film

My Opinion.

I love the book and the film IT. When I heard there were talks of going to make it for theaters I was all for it. Like in all films there are somethings that happened in the book didn’t happen in the film. In this case I understand why because it was made for TV and the 90’s is totally different from things that are happening now. Did I expect production to cast Poulter? Hell no in a very respectful way. This is so random and out of both left and right field.

Tim Curry was the only and the absolute best Pennywise there was and will be. Not to say anything bad about Will Poulter but I am scared. Pennywise is a very hard role to play. A lot of people felt that Paul Giamatti would have been perfect for the world but we need more inside of the storyline. Maybe they wanted a younger looking clown so it can look more relatable to children I really don’t know.

I hope this movie doesn’t disappoint my childhood.

What are you thoughts about Will Poulter playing Pennywise the clown? Comment below!

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