Amazing Talents: Jay Park

Hey Droogs and Diamonds

My blogs is mostly to keep you guys informed about upcoming films, confirming what film rumors are true or not and etc. However, I do take the time and like to acknowledge talented people as well. One things about myself is that I am a fan of people with Amazing Talent. If you are crazy talent and passionate about it then you gained me as a fan.

There is this crazy, amazing, talented guy by the name of Jay Park.

He  was born in Seattle but is from Korean descent. This guy within a year or two has build a successful music company called AOMG and consist with talented artists from all types of art not just music.

He started when he was in a band called 2PM back in South Korea. However I never seen or heard anything when he was in that band. I have been hearing is music since 2010 on youtube when he covered songs. Then he started his own music and created his own music company called AOMG.

Artist like him I truly admire. When he hit rock bottom, he build on top of that rock bottom. He let nothing stop him to be where he is  now.  Today, he released his full english single. Please give this talented man a chance and listen to his new single ‘Sex Trip’

If you’re interested in hearing his journey check out his E! Asia Special

Im asking droogs and diamonds to support this man who has true talent. Support an Artist who bust his ass harder than anyone, who worked with people who passionate just as he is. This is one artist I would love to work with anytime of day.

Check his music out Droogs and Diamonds

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