Spiderman has been casted!

Hey Droogs and Diamonds

So the casting for Spiderman has been revealed and its Tom Holland


He’s an upcoming actor. He has done the Mini Series Wolf Hall and films like Locke with Tom Hardy.

Droogs, Diamonds. Here is the hard truth as much as I thought in the recent weeks it was going to be asa butterfield, production decided to go with Tom Holland instead.

There can be a few reasons why they chose him

I have been here from people when I ask about their opinions about the casting choice is, this actor looks so young to play Spiderman… But bring yourself back to when you were a teenager you didn’t look like a grown man. Thats why I agree with this casting by looks alone. As far as story I haven’t had the chance to do my research but i do support this casting choice.

Comment below and let me know what you think

Be Kind, Stay Pretty



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