Batman VS Superman Trailer

Hey droogs and diamonds!

It’s finally here! The first FULL Batman VS Superman trailer!

This trailer made me fully invested in this film. When it was first announced that Ben Affleck was going to play Batman I was pissed. I don’t think he was a perfect choice when it was first announced. However, after months went by and learning that Affleck is a huge and I mean HUGE batman fan, I let my negative opinions go and gave it a try. 

I always felt that Christopher Nolan’s batman trilogy could have fallen in the same universe! Since Bale didn’t want to put on the suit anymore, this was an epic win for Affleck by getting the role of batman.


Even Wonder Woman was in the trailer. Gal Gadot is playing Wonder Woman. There was controversy on it because Wonder Woman is a goddess and her body is thick and Gal Gadot is not. No offense to her but she’s not. Beautiful but not thick. However, she does look bad ass in the trailer. 

This trailer looks so phenomenal. The angles, the audio, the graphics, was so perfect!

I can’t wait for this to hit theaters already!!

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  1. When this trailer came on Comic Con went NUTS!!!!lol I can’t lie…this really looks good! I can’t wait!

    • I can’t wait either. When I was the teaser I was invested.. I wasn’t hyped at first on Ben Affleck being Batman but now I’m sold to the idea and invested to see this film.

      • Yeah I had my doubts about Ben too. A lot of people were bummed. But I think he’s stepping up to the plate. The trailer is awesome. This will be EPIC!! Trust me!

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