Hey Droogs and Diamonds

David Ayer showed a trailer of The Suicide Squad at comic con and it leaked out. Whoever leaked it out! God bless you because I am super duper soaking like a pacific ocean wet excited!!!

First of all who killed it for me in this trailer is obviously Margot Robbie who is playing my favorite character Harley Quinn.

At first I wasn’t excited for The Joker’s look. In my previous post about The Joker’s look I wash'[t fully invested until I see a trailer. Now that I seen at least a teaser… I am 100% INVESTED!

This trailer was truly bad ass! Some people didn’t like it. I can see why but again I like it and I am 100% invested.

This trailer sold me more than Jurassic World did in the box office

If you haven’t seen it.. well stop what you are doing, click on the photo below and watch it!!!

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    • Yes!! Finally Harley Quinn coming out in a film… I’ve waited so long for this and casting chose the right actress to play her!

      • Yeah she’s perfect! I’m down here in San Diego at the Comic Con. It’s total madness down here!lol Everyone is talking about SS. Well that and Superman vs Batman. I seen a few celebs too. There must be 50,000 people here!lol

      • Yeah I hear you. I bought mine online. I learned my lesson in the past. It’s definitely worth it though. It’s really fun but a bit crowded. I like the smaller Cons a little better.

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