Film Review: Goodnight Mommy

Hey Droogz and Diamonds

I have to tell you about this movie called Goodnight Mommy. Its a film from Austria. The way I found out about this film was through Facebook. Then media coverage from E! News, MTV and Nylon also wrote about this film. When I saw the trailer into this film I was intrigued but I wasn’t fully invested.


Last night my Cousin Michael and I decided to see the film. OH boy how Im so happy I saw this film! I loved it! It really is a good film. If you’re in NYC, they are playing it in City Cinemas on 86th street. Movies like this are needed more. This is true horror! Where it doesn’t need to be with gore but still creeps you the f*** out!


I don’t want to explain the film. Just please go see it as soon as you can!

I give film five film slates. If you got time this weekend, its something to check out!

If you haven’t seen the trailer! Check it out!

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