Film Review: Jonestown: Paradise Lost

Hey Droogz and Diamonds!

I hope you guys checked out Goodnight Mommy and Nicky’s Family. Goodnight Mommy is playing in selective theaters in NYC and Nicky’s Family is on Netflix.

But, I want to give you a review on another historical drama/ documentary. This one is called Jonestown: Paradise Lost.


For those who don’t know this is about the story of Jim Jones and his followers from the people’s temple.
This film actual reenacts, uses original footage and gets the stories of people who were there and witness the horror that went down in history.




(The Real Jim Jones)

If you like shows liked snapped, biography of serial killers, this is one I would recommend to see.
However, I don’t recommend children under 18 to watch just because of the crime that was committed.

I give this film 5 slates out of 5. I thought this was well done put together!

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