American Horror Story: Hotel

Hey Droogz and Diamonds,

Tonight was the premiere of American Horror Story: Hotel. It felt so different but it was unique. So far I’m liking it. The build up for the horror kinda reminds me of (what I like to call the Hitchcock method) Hitchcock movies. From beginning to end it was even out with story and horror.

Season Four wasn’t what I expected. I was disappointed. But so far this has met my expectations on how I thought the season will open.

When I first found out Lady GaGa was going to be in season Five, I was excited and all for it. This is something I can definitely see my mother monster acting in.

First of all the opening of the show had me intrigued.

The first Episode was great!

The hotel reminds of the shining, especially the carpet. It definitely had a Stanley Kubrick feel.

The cast killed it. Lady GaGa was phenomenal.

The episode reveal not too much but enough which is good. Also it wasn’t a lot of talking like last season. The shots and angles were on point.

In the end where they reveal what’s happening throughout the season, I saw a guy who had his face painted like a clown. The clown looks exactly like the infamous Pogo AKA Serial Killer John Wayne Gacy.

Denis O’Hare slayed his performance. Especially walking in those heels. He was straight up legit, certified a cup of YASSSSS!

Im just praying this season doesn’t go sour like how season four did. This episode really put the Horror back in American Horror Story.




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