How to get away with murder: Season Two SPOILERS (Episodes one and two only)

Hey Droogz and Diamonds,

Tomorrow will be the third episode of How To Get Away With Murder’s new season. Guys, its only two episodes that just happened and Im already engaged. I have said this before in a post long long long time ago that it’s hard for me to get into a TV Show. My cousin and best friend literally put me on to american horror story when season two was already done. I watched the first season and I was hooked. However with this series, I was intrigued by the promos that were given on TV before the series even started and boy am I glad I saw this. Im a huge fan of this show. It just keeps getting better and better. 

Episode one: It had a different vibe from the directing stand point. To make it short Annalise has a new case. A brother and sister (who are adopted) are accused of killing their adoptive parents. In this episode we also find out who killed Rebecca. The killer is…… BONNIE. Yup, Bonnie killed Innocent Rebecca. In the end, it shows Wes running out of the house of the siblings Annalise is defending. The last scene is where we see Annalise on the floor, bleeding. It looks like she was shot in the stomach.

Episode Two: Starts off with Wes running out of the house from the ending of the first episode. Annalise is on the floor, Conner is trying to help her. It cuts back to two months before that incident. Annalise was put on the stand for the Nate Lahey case which by the way his attorney is Annalise friend/lover. Meanwhile, things for Annalise become even more difficult when she’s brutally cross-examined on the witness stand during Nate’s preliminary hearing. The Watch the episode you will see. Another added info. Remember the last episode of season one where Rebecca uses Michaela phone to text a number. Well, that person surfaces in season two however we do not know what relationship he had with Rebecca. 

Tomorrow is episode three and I can’t wait. Guys if you haven’t seen the second season Go to on demand. I don’t know any websites that would have it already  ut Im pretty sure you can find some. If you haven’t even seen season one. It’s on netflix.

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