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I finally saw The Green Inferno. If people who have been following me since last year, you all know how I have waited for this film to come out.

Before seeing this film a lot of people were giving bad ratings and I’m here to shut that down.

I am a fan of the original/ the inspiration for this film came from. Cannibal Holocaust is an Italian Horror Film directed by Ruggero Deodato. At the time it received positive reviews.


There were a lot of gore scenes even killing Animals. However, the allegations of Deodato creating a snuff film was serious and led him to his arrest. To prove he was innocent all the actors went on an Italian TV Show to be interviewed.

It was never banned in the United States. However it has been banned in other countries.


Eli Roth created his own version of the iconic horror film and called it The Green Inferno.

It was suppose to be released last year but I believe it was on hold from production because of money issues. Im really not sure. I finally saw it and I was not disappointed at all. People have to understand. Horror film from America and Out of America are completely different.

For those who haven’t seen Cannibal Holocaust, I recommend to see it before you see The Green Inferno. I feel the Green Inferno is mostly for fans of the original horror amazon flicks.

Now, The Green Inferno Review

Short Synopsis: Justine who’s father works in the U.N. decides to join an activist group with the help of her classmate Jonah. Their mission is to stop the bulldozers from destroying the rainforest. They succeed. On their way back, The plane crashes and their hell begins.

I liked this film. Eli Roth captured it in a way that was suitable for an american audience. It still kept the gore feel from the original films. Camera angles were on point. The story however to me I felt it was dry and rushed. It has its build up but not the build up I was hoping for. When action began to happen I wasn’t disappointed, I was actually Impressed with the killing styles and how they kept elements from the original but was put in a new spin.

I recommend you guys to go see this film. I think its a good horror film in a long time. Please be mindful its very graphic and people under 18 should be accompanied.




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