Hey Droogs and Diamonds

This is such a film foul! I never got to talk about the trailer of Star Wars. SMH, Shame on me!

But since the trailer has been out for a week or weeks now, Im happy to say that ABC will be giving a first look of Star Wars The Force awakens tomorrow so check that out. (It will air during TGIT line up!)

There was a bit of racial controversy about the casting. Seriously! In star wars! IN 2015! GET OVER IT!!!!

The Trailer was a movie organismo! Truly AMAZE BALLS!!!!! I am truly invested and Im going to see it in Star Wars Gear (Clothing) Spending all my Pretty Polly!


Terminally ill Fan Daniel Fleetwood’s wish was to see the film. He is the first person to see it! Unfortunately, Daniel Fleetwood Passed away. #ForcebewithDaniel

If you guys haven’t seen the trailer then you suck just as I am for writing this blog. Ha! Just Kidding! Love you guys!

Be Kind, Stay Pretty


A.J. efx01111018lg

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