Happy New Year!



Hey Droogz and Diamonds

Welcome to 2016! I hope your new year is starting off amazing. I haven’t been blogging and this time its going to change.

This year I will be doing something different which will start later this month. I will be giving film online courses. It breaks down from the production process to actually filming and branding.

I will have a section where you can go directly to the course.

This is for those who are interested in learning about film and the process. If you’re not interested then this is not the course for you however there are other courses. I personally recommend you checkout the website if you’re interested in teaching a course or finding a course you would like to know.

The website is called udemy.com

Next, I have some exciting news as well. I have created another blog. 🙂 So excited. This blog will be only dedicated to Wrestling. I will be posting another blog with the blog info! It’s called Ringside with A.J.!

Also, I’m back doing photography and film! If you’re in the NYC area and need a photographer or videographer. I’m your girl!

I can’t wait! This year is going to be a great year in general.

I wish all of you guys a great new year! God Bless!

Be kind Stay Pretty


A.J. lips_PNG6220





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