Beyonce is gunning for an Oscar!

Hey Droogz and Diamonds

Latest news which I find extremely interested and its getting me invested… a little.

Queen Bey is scripting a film based on Saartjie Baartman, (Named Hottentot Venus) A south african woman, who was a famous Khoikhoi women.

If you guys don’t know the story of Saartjie Baartman, she was one of the two famous KhoiKhoi women who was due to their large buttocks was exhibited as freak shows attractions during 19th Century Europe.


Why am I invested? This hasn’t been done before. Well not to my knowledge.

My worries. Yes Beyonce is a great entertainer, great singer, good actress. However, this is something so different out of her norm. I’m very hard and crucial to a film when it comes to story. Since this based off of an actual person I will be more critical. I hope she writes where its stays to the truth as much as she can and the rest can be for film but she has to make it sell. She knows how to sell to her audience in a concert but this is completely different.

So far I am invested. I will be following this story as much as I can to give update on it. I know Beyonce fans will watch to just because it’s Beyonce but the story of this woman will be the reason why I will be going to the theaters.

What do you guys think? Comment Below

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