All About Me

Hello Droogz and Diamonds

There are some people that come to this blog and don’t know who I am. Its either you know me personally or you never went to the about section on my site to know who I am.

My name is Nancy but I go by the name of A.J. Where did I get A.J. from?

My grandfather’s name is Angel and my father’s name is Julio. So I just took the first letters of the their names and made it to my stage name A.J. Ramirez.  I put hashtags like #AJR #AJRamirez #TheQueenofthefilmscene #MistressofSuspense  #EmpressofHorror #QueenofWriting

So if you see those hashtags, that’s Me. Lol.

What do I do?

I’m a Writer first and foremost. I am a filmmaker and photographer.

This site shows my photography portfolio. My directorial debt in a short film will debut this year. I can’t wait.

What do I write in my blogs?

I mostly write film related things such as film news, box office and much more. I do write other things as well such as poetry, short stories but I mostly write about whats going on in the film world. I do time to time talk about my personal life but its very rare.

I have created another blog just dedicated for wrestling which I will be releasing later this month.

If you like to know anything else about me, fill out the form below and I will write it in my next blog post.

Be Kind, Stay Pretty



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