Great Worqs: Readers, Writers, Filmmakers

Hey Droogz and Diamonds!

I want to share with you about a great company called Great Worqs.

Great Worqs is a platform which allows filmmakers to distribute their content to a dedicated audience whilst allowing them to connect with filmmakers from across the globe. Unlike any other platform, our algorithms are built around the quality of content rather than trends and views which allows under-represented artists to build a community.

Great Worqs is a team of creatives and engineers who have come together to create a platform which evens out the creative arena. Where content does the talking above all other aspects.We are currently the Biggest Student Arts platform in Wales and we look to add value and help more filmmakers find an audience and grow. We currently have some of the best young filmmakers in the UK (& Mainland Europe), using GW which is why 65% of our content has been screened at festivals. We currently have a number of films on GW which have gone viral.
This is such a great networking for filmmakers and writers. I’m a filmmaker and writer myself so something like this is beneficial for me to know other filmmakers and writers even if we do or don’t collaborate.
Check out some of their work
To check more out from Great Worqs, go to
Be Kind, Stay Pretty
A.J. lips_PNG6220

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