Suicide Squad New Trailer

Hey Droogs and Diamonds

Recently, there was a new photo released of the suicide squad which had me open like the pacific ocean!


That’s the photo but the poster had me fuc*ing mind blown. This was just on point! Take a look below!


Tonight was the release trailer of the suicide squad. The first trailer was released in comic con and it was leaked out. I hate when people do that but I thank the fan that did it because it was amazeballs. After it was leaked, Warner Bros decided to release it in HD. I think that was a smart move.

Now this trailer… ugh ok wait I have to say this trailer got me sooooooooo hyped! The beautiful cinematography, the music, how it just flowed and kept me glued to watch the entire trailer.

In this trailer we see more clips of Harley Quinn and The Joker. Ive always said Jared Let as The Joker was a freaking fantastic choice. He’s a phenomenal actor and he will do justice with this type of Joker. Harley Quinn, well Margot Robbie was just perfect casting. I can’t see any other actress do Harley Quinn so great job on the casting. This is the first time we see the Harley Quinn Character on the big screen so I’m excited about that. Having Viola Davis, completely sold me. She’s on her prime now and to have her on something that is huge for DC comics was a smart move. Will Smith as dead shot well lets be honest we all thought that was just awesome.

The trailer did justice for me and I can’t wait for August 2016!!!

If you haven’t seen it, take a look down below

Be Kind, Stay Pretty




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