Netflix and Chill: Trainspotting

Hey Droogs and Diamonds

I will be also talking about films that are on netflix. Hence the name Netflix and chill and No, Im not having sex while I’m watching these films.


For my first Netflix and Chill post I will be talking about the 1996 film Transpotting. I remember watching the trailer as a kid and the only thing that drawn to be was the toilet scene.

To sum up the film its about the life of a guy by the name of Renton who is a Heroine Addict and so are his friends. When Renton gets into trouble with the law, he is forced to go to rehab. When he gets clean, he can’t get away from his friends nasty habits.


Lets get into the characters

Renton Played by Ewan McGregor


Spud Played by Ewen Bremner


Sick Boy Played By Jonny Lee Miller


Begbie Played By Robert Carlyle


Tommy played by Kevin McKidd


I actually loved this movie. I loved the tone. The camera work, the editing was visually perfect for the story.

It explained the narration of Renton who is a drug addict in a very visual way. Example would be the toilet scene, then the second gif photo I have there.

There is a scene at really grabbed my heart and it involves with a baby. My mind was screaming at them. My mind Literally was like “You fucking junkies!” “Fucking drug addict dicks!” A BABY!!  COME ON!!! That hit me hard! Just look at the photo and you’ll know why I was screaming in my mind!


When I review a film I don’t like giving things away I mean if you do like it please tell em and I will give it all away. LOL.

This film was based off the book. Obviously books are always better and that’s why I want to get it just to see how deep the story is from the film.

One of my favorites has to be Spud. LOL. Spud is one of those laid back, getting high, enjoying life yet his flaw is that he follows his friends. He does anything they do, as if he doesn’t think for himself.

My reasoning for also writing this blog is because back in November they announced a Part Two. I heard about this before even seeing the film. Now that I have seen the film, I hope they moved forward with the sequel. I would love to know what happens!

If you have a Netflix account, Give this movie a try!

Be Kind, Stay Pretty


A.J. lips_PNG6220





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