Wonder Woman Trailer

Droogz and Diamonds,

I know I’m late but Here it is. The Trailer for Wonder Woman.

Batman VS Superman was a definite hit and miss type of film. I felt that Zack Snyder as much as of a visionary he is and original, this film wasn’t meant for him. I was invested at first but then seeing the film ehhhhh, the film dragged. It didn’t keep me intrigued.

Once they announced Gal Gadot will be playing Wonder Woman, I was definitely not invested at all. I felt she wasn’t fit for the role. Then I saw Batman VS Superman, now there she was BAD ASS!

They made the announcement of a Wonder Woman feature before Batman VS Superman was even released. The film’s director is none other than Patty Jenkins. If you don’t know what other films she’s done, She directed ‘Monster’ by Patty Jenkins.

The Wonder Woman Trailer was DOBBY!!!!! (meaning it was good)

I think this will bring DC back up after that what I think is a boring BVS (Batman VS Superman) Film.

Now the question is, Am I invested? YES I AM! YES YES YES!!!

If you haven’t seen the trailer, watch it below!


Any other films you want to talk about, Comment Below

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  1. […] It turns out the “New Legacy” in the Space Jam sequel title is not just a reference to James taking over the much-loved movie franchise from Jordan, but also connects to the sequel’s plot involving James having to rescue his tech-obsessed son Dom (newcomer Cedric Joe) from an evil AI (played by Cheadle). As was recently revealed, James’ quest sees him being sucked into a “server-verse” made up of famous Warner Bros. properties with which James somehow interacts. Not all the titles included in this tour of the Warners server-verse have been confirmed, but it was teased that Looney Tunes character Lola Bunny (who gets a slightly controversial makeover in the new movie) is discovered living with the Amazons from Wonder Woman. […]

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