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Hello Droogz and Diamonds!

Happy Memorial Day. Today we remember all of those who fought, lost their lives and continue to fight for this country. May god bless you all and bless our country America.

I never had the chance to really watch anything on YouTube. The only thing I can say I do watch is WWE and what happened during WWE RAW and SmackDown Live since I don’t have cable.  It’s been a struggle for me since I lost my job. I will write about that in another post.

Back to the point. My mom is YouTube Crazy. She follows people who does Mukbangs and who does DIY stuff. However my mom has put me on to some YouTubers that I actually like.

Nik Avocado- He does Mukbangs and just talk about his day. I love the fact he is an open book and he shares his personal ordeals with the viewers. He shares his raw emotions to us. Some people say its for views. I say its because He’s genuine and he wouldn’t shy away his feelings. Plus he makes me want to try certain foods, like this one in the video.

Kashi Star (Divine Munchies)- She is a YouTuber who is Vegan, she does Mukbangs but one thing that makes her different in a way she reviews about products that she uses that are vegan or animal cruelty free products.

Only in Japan- John Daub who has been living in Japan for about 20 years takes on an adventure and shows us the beautiful country and gives us cool information about the history, culture and of course the food. This channel has literally convinced me to get a passport for my daughter and I and travel to Japan. First stop would be the vending machine restaurant, then the manga café experience. Although I wouldn’t be able to go to the Penis Festival if I’m bringing my daughter. That’s a trip for me and my girls.  The video above is actually one of my favorites. When I saw this right away I thought of the movie fifth element.

Krystal Couture- My mother is literally obsessed with organizers. She has been since I was a child. However she has some creative ideas and some which I use in my writings. She also gets personal time to time which I love as well. This is a go to channel for creativity in planners.

Check out these channels maybe you’ll like it or maybe come across another channel you will like.

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NLR ❤️


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