Smackdown 1000

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Now, Smackdown 1000 could have been way better. Ok, guys, let’s face it. Most of these new wrestlers don’t have that niche that Legends had. Also, I’m going to blame the writing and creative team. I’m sure they want to build new characters and have these new characters have the same authenticity as the legends had back in their day. However, this thing about targeting children is great but when I was a kid watching it, it wasn’t for kids.

Don’t get me wrong there are great wrestlers there now but I feel that the creative push isn’t there. There are even great wrestlers that aren’t getting a push and being taken off TV time. Which sucks. I think WWE is bringing too many wrestlers at once and getting rid of them quick. I don’t think it’s the right way to do things.

Did I think Smackdown 1000 was great? No, I don’t. The same thing for RAW 25. The opening was great but then after it was meh. I would have appreciated if the rock was there. After all, he was the one that started the smackdown phrase.

There were decent parts such as The Cutting Edge/ Becky and Charlotte Promo and Rey Mysterio return. I didn’t like the reunion of evolution. I thought it was a dry promo. The hots the guys were taking at each other were blah. However, Bautista comment to Triple H was the only highlight in the Evolution Reunion. Sorry, Randy. Your shade wasn’t too much tea to talk about.


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    • Yes. The character development isnt all there. However, Becky Lynch being heel is actually giving me hope. However lets see how long that will last. Also, There are other great talents that are there but arent getting enough TV Time or no TV time at all. They are bringing wrestlers rapidly and it looks like they are recycling them and just choosing their favorites.

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