Netflix’s Making a Murderer Part 2

Hello Droogz and Diamonds,

Making a Murderer Part 2 premiered on October 19th. Since it’s release, I’ve binged watched the entire season. It was so much more information and new updates that astonished me.

When I was watching Season One, I immediately said why was the boyfriend dismissed? There was so much foul play in the crime scene that I felt Steven Avery is innocent. I really feel there was so much more to this than Steven Avery and Brendan Dassey to be guilty.


I still believe Steven Avery is innocent. The state of Wisconsin is fucked up. Yeah, I said it. FUCKED UP! To me, this was a set up because of the lack of evidence presented. What kills me is that how can they do this to two men who had nothing to do with it. Steven Avery’s case is an eye-opener on how the government can fuck you over.

I’m not a lawyer. BUT! and a big BUT! I am a legal assistant and I have worked in a few law firms. Let’s really take a look at this case ok.

From the evidence in season one

  • The car. Halbach’s car was found on Avery’s property by members of a volunteer search party. The license plates were found in another car on the property, and Steven Avery’s DNA was found in multiple places in it.
  • The key. Lieut. James Lenk and Sgt. Andrew Colborn were the ones to find Teresa Halbach’s car key in Steven Avery’s trailer on the sixth search of Avery’s residence. They both volunteered to search his residence despite the fact that they were not allowed on Avery’s property without supervision due to their involvement in his lawsuit against Manitowoc County. The key had none of Teresa’s DNA on it, only Avery’s. The officer who was supposed to be serving as the “watchdog” for their search was not instructed to supervise them.
  • The Confession. Brendan Dassey, Steven Avery’s 16-year-old nephew, confessed to helping his uncle murder Teresa Halbach after hours of interrogation. His confession was not included in Avery’s trial because his story was inconsistent and key pieces of evidence were fed to him by interrogators, like the fact that Teresa Halbach’s cause of death was a gunshot to the head. Dassey was also convicted of Halbach’s murder, though his lawyers have repeatedly tried to get the verdict overturned, arguing that his confession was coerced.

First off, of course, you’re going to find his DNA on the license plate. IT’S ON HIS PROPERTY and the profession he is in of course his DNA will be there.

The Key: I don’t understand one, why were those cops there on his property with no search warrant and if they did, they weren’t supposed to be on his property period because of the depending case. I find it astonishing that no one, not even the supreme court has yet to say anything about this. Also, how the fuck is his DNA on the keys and NOT HERS? I don’t get it. How can her DNA not be there?  IT WAS HER KEYS. I think those officials that weren’t supposed to be on his property, washed her DNA off the keys and had used his DNA and planted the Keys in his trailer.

The Confession, please I don’t even need to say anything. It’s on tape that it was coerced.

From the reviews, Season two didn’t make too much of an impact as season one did.

I find it disgusting that the whole state of Wyoming is not giving this man a fair trial and the supreme justice doesn’t even give this case a chance. Why? The state knows they messed up the first time and the fact he took legal and sue to which that was his right, they set him up. I know for a fact, Kathleeen Zellner is going to get the justice Steven Avery deserves.

I hope Steven Avery and Brendan Dassey get the justice they deserve. Once they get out, the whole family should just move to another state.

The family of Teresa Halbach, I do hope they find justice. I don’t know their pain, however, I just hope they find the peace and justice they are looking for. I do hope they find the real killer’s DNA in the evidence or new evidence shows up.

If you have seen Making a Murderer season two, What did you think about this season?


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