My Obession with Wrestling

Hello Droogz and Diamonds!

Welcome back to my blog!! Hey!

The title for this blog explains it all. Lol. I’ve been the biggest wrestling fan since the age of three. My grandfather uses to put it on for me. I would watch it with him. It was our bonding moment.

From Jake the Snake to Kurt Angle. I’ve seen it all.

At one point I did stop watching it and it was because I was a teen, I was finally making friends. However I missed watching it, I went back into watching it.

One peeve of mine is when people tell me Wrestling is so fake.

-Insert Rolling Eyes Emoji-

Ok 😂

Yes, honey, the drama of wrestling is fake. It’s part of the entertainment. Do you watch a movie and say oh yeah that’s real? No, you don’t. You watch the movie for entertainment purposes. However, are the hits real? Well, Why don’t I grab a steel chair and hit you over the head with it and you tell me?

Another question I get asked when Im talking about my obsession is what are your top 5 favorite wrestlers?


I mean ok so I will go down a basic category.

Top 5 Past Wrestlers

1. Mick Foley

2. Chris Jericho

3. Bret Hart

4. Kurt Angle

5. Diamond Dallas Page

Top 5 Current Wrestlers

1. AJ Styles

2. Kevin Owens

3. Seth Rollins

4. Finn Balor

5. Daniel Bryan

Top 5 Past Women Wrestlers

1. Lita

2. Chyna

3. Trish Stratus

4. Beth Phoniex

5. Alondra Blayze

Top 5 Current Wrestlers

1. Asuka

2. Charlotte

3. Nia Jax

4. Alexa Bliss

5. Ruby Riott

Do I collect any WWE items?

No honey Im 30 years old. I know there are people my age and older who more obsessed than I am. I use to as a child. I would make my mom or grandparents buy me the ring or the action figures do not even play with them just to have it on display in my room. I still do have my first action figure and its a Hulk Hogan action figure. I loved him so much. My favorite movie was Mr. Nanny. But then when his reality show Hogan knows best came out. Ehhhh I think that image of the nice guy, glitters and dancing ponies just all went to shit.

Do I watch it now?

Yes, I do. I do have the network which was the best thing they did because of girl. I’m a poor pendeja from The Bronx and Im not willing to waste almost Two Hundred Dollars on a Pay Per View. It was just not happening.

Ok guys Im sorry but I have to cut this post short.

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Always Remember

Be Kind and Stay Pretty


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