Am I invested?: Stranger Things Season 3 Trailer Review

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Bitch, I am shooked right now. The trailer for Strangers Things Season 3 finally dropped and a bitch got wet!

Ok, so I love this series. These are one of the few series I do actually like from Netflix. I feel Netflix does put out great content. I am just overall excited about the new trailer.

First of all, Damn these kids have grown! The growth Sprut is damn real!!!

The opening of the trailer was absolutely hilarious! The Who Song Teenage Wasteland actually complimented the trailer and that I appreciate a lot. This season is going to be so epic. Just by the trailer itself tells me there’s a lot more than what we see which is great. I hate a trailer that literally gives the entire movie in the trailer.

I love they actually show a new monster to which I hope they don’t kill within like five minutes of this new monster debuting.

I see friendships will be tested. Love will evolve between Eleven and Mike Wheeler. We also see Eleven using her powers and being the badass that we all known to love. I love the mall rat look the kids have or should I say, Teens.

Show Creator Ross Duffer and his brother Matt Duffer said it would be a 4 seasons thing and then out. I do hope there is one more season after this. I hate the fact the show could come to an end soon but overall this is a great show. You got my bitch Winona Ryder. Anyone who knows me knows it’s like Johnny Deep tattoo Winona Forever girl!

I’m so excited. If you have never seen the show please hop on it. Rotten Tomatoes gives it a 95% rating while IMDB gives it 8.9/10.

If you guys haven’t seen the trailer yet. Click below.

Thank you as always. I love you guys!

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